Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Romance Review: The Red Bikini by Lauren Christopher

A sparkling debut romance where a getaway vacation turns into an unexpected new beginning……

For the last five years, Giselle McCabe’s life has been about sippy cups and playdates. But when her husband suddenly leaves her, Giselle flees to her sister’s California beach house for a two-week getaway. Out of her element, she’s surprised to receive such a warm welcome—especially from gorgeous celebrity athlete Fin Hensen……

Fin is escaping his pro tour for a season, trying to lie low until all the hubbub over a huge mistake in his past blows over. And when he sets his sights on Giselle, he realizes that the beautiful good girl just might be the ticket to his success.

But Giselle never expected romance to enter the picture again—especially with a hot twenty-something from a completely different world. And even though it feels like Fin is everything she’s trying to run away from, she can’t help coming back for more.

Lauren Christopher writes funny, sexy contemporary romances that take place in California's most secret and romantic settings.

After graduating with an English degree from UCLA, Lauren launched a 23-year career as a nonfiction writer and editor -- writing more than 100 newspaper, magazine, and online articles on everything from the history of auto racing to the origins of Santa Claus.

Her first California romance – THE RED BIKINI, set in fictional “Sandy Cove” – is slated for July 2014 with Berkley Sensation, to be followed by a second Sandy Cove book in March 2015.

Lauren lives in Southern California with her husband and three teenage children.

I love books that just feel like a summer read.  The beach, the heat, the romance - it's all encompassed in The Red Bikini.  

Giselle and Fin began this book as two lonely people in very precarious situations.  Giselle is a recently heart-broken and single mother with no job and in need of something... anything to get her mind off of the difficulties she's going through.  Fin is a professional athlete in need of some really good PR.  When they meet one another, there's not an instant spark, but they do hit it off and agree to help one another get through their tough times.  Through everything, they eventually open themselves up to the idea of love and allow their hearts to join together in a charmingly beautiful way.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the chemistry that these two did have, and I also loved how their relationship took time to develop.  It made the story more believable and I actually found myself caring about both of them.  I especially loved the feel-good aspect of their relationship and the inspiring hope that good can definitely come to you when you think the whole world has come crashing down around you.  

Overall, this was a great contemporary romance read, and one that you could easily finish sitting poolside on a hot summer day :)  

Rating:  4.5 stars  

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All conclusions reached are my own.   


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