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Cozy Mystery Blog Tour Author Interview & Giveaway: Book Clubbed (A Booktown Mystery #8) by Lorna Barrett

New York Times bestselling author Lorna Barrett is back in town—Booktown, that is—with another page-turning mystery. This time bookstore owner Tricia Miles and her sister, Angelica, put their own problems on the shelf to catch a killer who turns a bookcase into a murder weapon…

Cranky Chamber of Commerce receptionist Betsy Dittmeyer is done reading people the riot act. After she’s crushed by a fallen bookcase, the next item to be read is her last will and testament—which is packed with surprises. It soon comes to light that Betsy was hiding volumes of dark secrets behind that perpetual frown of hers—and one of them just might have been a motive for murder.

While Tricia tries to help Angelica—the newly elected Chamber of Commerce president and Betsy’s boss—solve the mystery, she discovers a hidden chapter in her own family history that rocks her to her very core. And with her ex-husband and the chief of police vying for her affections, it’s doubly hard to focus on who might have buried Betsy in a tomb of tomes.

But as Tricia and Angelica try to read between the lines, they need to watch their step…and make sure the killer doesn’t catch them between the stacks.

Q: You have two books out today, the new hardcover, BOOK CLUBBED in hardcover, and NOT THE KILLING TYPE in paperback, so your are doing double duty promoting both.  Tricia is wonderful character, where do you get your inspiration for her adventures? 

A: I have no idea.  They just come to me. 

Not the Killing Type was a lot of fun to write, but I think I enjoyed writing Book Clubbed even more.  I've just finished Booktown #9, which I'm calling A Fatal Chapter.  Not sure if that will be the final title, though.  They get changed a lot.  

I like to play with various ideas.  The idea of a Chamber of Commerce election seemed like a great jumping off point for Not The Killing Type.  For Book Clubbed, I decided the Chamber president needed a new receptionist - that meant bumping off the old one.  I had a wonderful time coming up with her life history. 

Q: Is the fictional Booktown based on a real place? 

A: The town was inspired by the real Hay on Wey, but since I've never been there... I have no idea if it resembles it in any way.  (And probably not a bit.)  But the idea of a village with a lot of used bookstores was a germ of the idea for the series.  

Q: What authors do you enjoy? 

A: I reread Barbara Michaels and Dick Francis a lot.  For fun, I like Mary Kay Andrews, and I enjoy cozies by my friends: Leann Sweeney, Ellery Adams, Mary Jane Maffini (Victoria Abbott) and Mary Kenney, just to name a few.  

Q: What are you reading for fun right now?  

A: An advance review copy for a new cozy mystery series.  It's a lot of fun. 

Q: If money was no object and you could escape to anywhere in the world to write where would you go and what do you think the book would be about? 

A: I've been on three cruises in the last two years and spent most of my time writing.  Getting away from the Internet is great for productivity. (Sadly, I don't have that kind of discipline at home.)  I can (and have and will again) write anywhere at any time.  But if I had a choice, I'd go back to England and stay a few months.  I have no idea what I'd write, but I'd write something.  

The immensely popular Booktown Mystery series is what put Lorna Barrett's name on the New York Times Bestseller list, but it's her talent - whether writing as Lorna, or L.L. Bartlett, or Lorraine Bartlett - that keeps her there.  This multi-published, Agatha-nominated author pens the exciting Jeff Resnick Mysteries as well as the acclaimed Victoria Square Mystery series and the Tales of Telenia saga, and has many short stories and novellas to her name(s).  

Thanks to the awesome ladies at Penguin, I have 1 copy of Book Clubbed by Lorna Barrett to give away to one of my lucky readers!  Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win, and be sure to keep checking back for more awesome giveaways!

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