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Cozy Mystery Blog Tour Author Guest Post & Giveaway: From Fear to Eternity (Immortality Bites Mystery #3) by Michelle Rowen

Newlywed vampires Sarah and Thierry de Bennicoeur have their whole undead lives ahead of them. And with Thierry’s job as a consultant for the Ring sending them across the globe to solve one vampire crisis after another, eternity may never have a dull moment.

Sarah was hoping the honeymoon would literally last forever, but when Thierry receives a mysterious invitation to an auction held in an old Beverly Hills mansion, it’s clearly time to get back to work. Thierry hopes to win a powerful amulet containing a wish-granting djinn that has eluded him for centuries. Unfortunately, Atticus Kincade, head of the vampire council, also has his eye on the item.

When the auction’s host reveals his unpleasant history with Thierry, and Sarah discovers a talking head in the freezer, things get even weirder than usual. But when the amulet goes missing, and everyone is suddenly trapped inside the mansion, the undead guests find themselves in mortal danger—and Sarah had better be careful what she wishes for.

Series:  Immortality Bites Mystery #3
Release Date:   07/01/2014

The ABCs of the Immortality Bites Mysteries
by Sarah Dearly, fledgling vampire and (award winning) amateur sleuth
as told to Michelle Rowen

For those who are not familiar with my recent travels with my husband, Thierry, an official investigator of vampire-related mysteries for the vampire council, here's a handy little A-Z guide to help get you started!  

A is for Atticus, Thierry's boss and the cause of much stress on our latest case in Beverly Hills. 

B is for Blood, because, well, I'm a vampire.  And some dietary myths are definitely true.   

C is for Corpse, which is the title of the Sue Grafton novel, but also something I tend to stumble across quite often these days.  

D is for Danger!  Which I tend to be a magnet for, along with: Trouble! 

E is for Ex-Wife, as in Thierry's ex-wife Veronique whose path crosses with ours at a magical auction (from hell).  

F is for Fanged.  And also for Fabulous. 

G is for Ghost.  I'm one of the rare vampires who can see and communicate with the dead.  Not always a good thing, believe me! 

H is for Hilarious, since I do tend to see the wackier side of life.  

I is for Icebox, which is where I find a severed head in From Fear to Eternity - one that claims - cue dramatic music - that he was murdered! 

J is for Justice, which I deal out one vampiric-related crime at a time! 

K is for Kiss, because what's a little mystery without a little romance? 

L is for Love, which I have in large amounts for my husband, even when he's being grumpy. 

M is for Magic, because hocus-pocus seems to be a big part of my life lately.  

N is for Necromancy, which is how zombies are raised from the dead.  I'm sure that explains the talking head in the icebox, right? 

O is for Oops, when I stick my nose too far into someone else's business. 

P is for Partners, which is what e and Thierry are.  Partners in fighting crime! 

Q is for Quinn, sort of an ex-boyfriend back in my paranormal romance novel days.  Don't tell Thierry I mentioned him.  

R is for the Ring, which is what the shady and mysterious Vampire Council is called.  

S is for Sarah.  Hi there!  Nice to meet you. 

T is for Thierry, my ancient and serious, yet gorgeous and wonderful brand new husband.  

U is for Undead, which I am not, but some people assume I am since I'm a vampire. That's okay.  I forgive you.  

V is for Vampire.  No sparkling allowed.  

W is for Witches, who are not my favorite people in the world, but sometimes they have their uses.  

X is for X-citement!  Okay, that's a stretch, but I couldn't think of an appropriate X word.  

Y is for You, who should totally read these books. 

Z rhymes with Dead and Bed and Said for me, since I'm originally from Canada.

Michelle Rowen is the national bestselling author of many paranormal novels for adults and young adults, including the Immortality Bites Mysteries.  Bled & Breakfast, the 2nd book in the series garnered not only a Top Pick from RT BookReviews magazine, but also their Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Amateur Sleuth.  The 3rd book, From Fear to Eternity, is now available for you to sink your fangs into!  For more info about Michelle and her books, follow her on Twitter @michellerowen and visit her website at  


Thanks to the awesome ladies at Penguin, I have 1 paperback copy of From Fear to Eternity by Michelle Rowen to give away to one of my lucky readers!  Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win, and be sure to keep checking back for more awesome giveaways!

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