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Erotic Romance Review: Love Bites by Angela Knight

The New York Times bestselling author explores her most daring side yet in four novellas designed to take your breath away—including an all-new Mageverse novella...

Warning: “This [novella] will spontaneously combust.”*

In The Bloodslave, Angela Knight’s classic “must read…highly erotic” (*The Best Reviews) novella, a female mercenary comes under fire during a hunt. The beautiful, virginal, and very human Verica is captured by three hungry alpha vampires driven deliriously feral by her purity. But they desire more than her warm blood. They want her body, leaving Verica more vulnerable than ever before—and loving every minute of it.

Plus! Three all-new novellas of vampire romance by Angela Knight

By day, a romance author puts her fantasies to paper. Her nights are another story. The perfect alpha male—not quite human, and absolutely insatiable—is invading her dreams. And with each sleepless night, she wonders… Are they really only dreams? Then, when an alpha male vampire hunter sets his sights on a pair of vampire lovers, things don't work out quite the way he had in mind. Plus, Angela Knight introduces the Doms of the Round Table and a kinky circle of pleasure, pain, and power as she returns to her “sexy as hell” (Heroes and Heartbreakers) Mageverse world for a new twist on the Arthurian legend.

Angela Knight is an American author of mostly erotic fantasy. She was a reporter for ten years and a comic book author. She lives in South Carolina. First published under Red Sage, she was able to write romantic fiction for the first time in 1996. She published several short stories in their Secrets anthologies. Editor Cindy Hwang brought her to Berkley Publishing and has helped her become a best selling author.

When developing her Mageverse series she wanted to create a unique spin on the vampire tale. Taking the Arthurian legend and twisting it, she has vampires that are not evil, still possess their souls, and can reproduce. Merlin was an alien who traveled to Earth from the Mageverse (an alternate world where magic is everywhere) to establish protectors. Merlin's race had seen species that destroyed themselves as they advanced. To avoid this, he searched Earth for worthy men and women who would give everything to protect others. After drinking from the Grail, men became Magi, vampires and women became Majae, witches. They have a symbiotic relationship. The Magi have to drink blood from the Majae to help absorb the energies of the Mageverse. The Majae have to donate blood or they will suffer heart attack from excess blood and elevated pressure. The Majae are the magic in the Mageverse. The Magi also sleep during the day as another means of gaining magic. The men and women could theoretically live forever, should they not be killed.

They are capable of reproducing with mortals to ensure that there are more potential candidates to recruit. Anyone born of such a union is a Latent. Their Gift, becoming Magi or Majae, is triggered by three or sexual encounters with a Gifted man or woman. A Latent must be approved by the Magi or Majae councils. Many can not psychologically handle the impact of the Mageverse (It can trigger insanity). There are professional court seducers who Gift latents on the Councils orders.

On Mageverse Earth, there are Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns and the city of Avalon where the Magi and Majae live. They magically create gates to travel to Realspace Earth. The Fairies are featured in Master of the Moon, which has King Llyr of the Faeries.

Merlin, who knows that power can corrupt, created another magical species in case the Magi and Majae become out of control. These are werewolves. They do not have to wait until the full moon to change. They are a rigid society that has been hidden from their inception. In Master of Wolves, the werewolves declare themselves and fight alongside the Magi and the Fairies.

Master of Swords introduces the dragons of Mageverse in more depth and the hero for Master of Dragons is introduced.

Futuristic Books

Jane's Warlord introduces Jane Colby, a 20th century reporter. Baran Arvid is sent back from the future to protect her from another time traveler, Druas. Druas travels back in time to commit the Jack the Ripper murders and his next target is Jane. Baran is a technologically and genetically enhanced human classified as a Warlord.

Mercenaires is three short stories (originally published electronically) set in a future like Baran’s. They can be technologically and genetically enhanced. Space travel has extended to other galaxies and other life forms have been discovered. Humans have established many new colonies on planets capable of sustaining life.

Love Bites is an anthology of novellas, each one featuring different vampires.  To do the book justice, I'll review each novella separately.  

Novella #1 - Oath of Service

Wow!  Talk about turning up the eroticism and kink!  This novella is hot.  And I mean... completely inappropriate for anyone who doesn't enjoy a scenario involving a whole group of people (if you catch what I'm saying...).  It follows Morgana who, after a series of events, ends up submitting herself to a man she's tried so hard to resist.  But her submission ends up bringing her more pleasure than she's ever experienced before - including a visit from two of Percy's partners.  Of course, there's a happily ever after kind of feel to their romance, but not before some extremely hot, over the top eroticism.  

Novella #2 - Be Careful What You Wish For 

This novella didn't pack quite as much of a punch as Oath of Service did, but it's still a very hot, quick little read.  It's the story of two men that lust after the same woman, who just happens to be a vampire.  When they're given the opportunity to finally have her, steaminess erupts and sizzles the pages.  It wasn't as detailed as Oath of Service, but it was definitely enough to heat things up.  

Novella #3 - Bloodslave

Oh my goodness.  This one took the cake.  It was by far the steamiest and shortest story of the anthology.  It begins as a woman is kidnapped by a group of vampires and lured into becoming their bloodslave.  As a reader of vampire novels for years, that, in itself, is erotic.  Of course, this novella takes it even further and adds in a little BDSM (yes!).  That makes it unbelievably sexy, and the climax of the story (pun intended) is a quickie, but completely erotic.  

Overall, this anthology is well worth the read.  For fans of erotic romance, BDSM, vampires... you'll be delighted with this collection of tantalizing short stories.  

Rating:  5 stars 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All conclusions reached are my own.   


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