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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Willows of Fate (Lands of the Sun and Stone #1) by Suzanna J. Linton

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This is my stop during the blog tour for Willows of Fate (Lands of the Sun and Stone series #1) by Suzanna J Linton. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 3 till 16 October, you can view the complete tour schedule on the website of Lola’s Blog Tours.

WillowsofFateFinalWillows of Fate (Lands of the Sun and Stone series #1)
by Suzanna J Linton

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age category: Adult
Release Date: October 3, 2014

Know thyself...

All her life, Desdemona has seen things others haven't. Dragons, knights, dwarves, kids with three eyes. Heeding her mother's advice, she keeps silent about this and struggles through life, pretending everything is normal.

At her mother's death, Desdemona returns to a home haunted with memories but she is determined to not be shaken from what little normalcy she has. However, when her brother is murdered and she uncovers a family secret, Desdemona realizes that there is more to what she sees. Perhaps a whole other world, one that's willing to kill to have her as its own.

You can find Willows of Fate on Goodreads

Suzanna Linton became a writer the first day she picked up a pencil, scribbling happily in magazines and books. Growing up in (very) rural South Carolina, she was steeped in legends and ghost stories and was surrounded by her mother's ever-growing book collection. She graduated from Francis Marion University with a degree in Professional Writing and bounced from job to job until she landed in a library, where she met her now-husband. She lives with him in South Carolina with their two dogs and cat.

You can find and contact Suzanna here:
- Website
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Goodreads

Three police cruisers sit in the cul-de-sac of the nursing home with an officer standing on the broad path leading up to the glass double doors of the building, using the butt of his taser as a place to rest his arm. We come to a stop behind the third cruiser and get out.

As we approach, Eric pulls out his badge and holds it up. “Corporal Malvagomez,” he says. “Is Miss Irick still here?”

“Yes, sir.” He leads the way toward the doors. “And she ain’t happy, sir. Her doctor, Dr. Hyatt, says this is aggravating her condition. She’s a schizophrenic and having cops show up like this is kind of a schizophrenic’s worst nightmare.”

He pulls the door open and a strident voice washes over us.

“Send them away! Send them away! They’re gonna take my things. They’re gonna take me away. Where’s Sadie? I want Sadie!”

“That’s her,” the cop says as we enter the lobby. He leads us down a hallway to the left, the nurse at the receptionist’s desk glaring at us like we just tracked in dog crap.

“They’re in the day room,” the officer continues. “The rest of the patients were cleared out when she started upsetting them. The doctor wanted to put her in her room on the ward and sedate her, but we thought it’d be better to keep her out in the open until you got here.”

That doesn’t sound better at all. I take a deep breath, bracing myself. What will I see? A vision of an older version of the girl in the photos, dressed in a pink bathrobe and with scraggly red hair and wild brown eyes, fills my mind.

In reality, Samantha is dressed for a day at the mall in a sleeveless white dress with a pale yellow rose pattern and white sandals. Her red hair, with small threads of gray, is brushed back and braided. I recognize my mother in the shape of her mouth and nose, in the way she holds herself rigid with arms wrapped tight around her waist. Mama used to hold herself like that whenever she was very afraid.

Samantha turns toward us as we enter and her mouth drops open. “You.” Pure joy floods her face like sunlight falling through storm clouds, and she runs up to me, laying hands on either side of my face as she gazes deeply into my eyes. “There you are.”

Something within me surges, like a flare of recognition. It stuns me and I don’t pull away. Staring up into eyes darker than my mother’s, the urge to cry nearly overwhelms me, but not tears of fear or sadness. Tears of joy at being found.

“You know me?” I whisper. “I’m Sadie’s daughter. Desdemona.”

She blinks and her eyes refocus. “Oh.” Her hands drop. “I thought you were someone I knew.” She turns away, wandering back over to the window.

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