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Cozy Mystery Blog Tour: Author Guest Post, Review & Giveaway: How to Catch a Cat (Cats and Curios #6) by Rebecca M. Hale

A serial killer with a peculiar penchant for City Hall interns is on the loose in San Francisco, and it’s up to me—and my two cats, Rupert and Isabella—to put a stop to the spree. Unfortunately, worrying about my uncle Oscar’s failing health and assisting with the interim mayor’s America’s Cup regatta doesn’t leave me with much opportunity to chase down clues.

Could the key to apprehending the killer be found in San Francisco’s sailing history? The first European vessel to pass through the Golden Gate contained a familiar cast of human – and feline – passengers as well as an elusive killer who used a similar murder weapon. Will the past catch up to the present in time to crack the case?

Fried Chicken Donuts
Blog post for HOW TO CATCH A CAT
by Rebecca M. Hale – with commentary from Rupert the Cat

In the first five books of the HOW TO WASH A CAT series, Rupert and Isabella’s feline adventures have taken them all over San Francisco and across Northern California. From their home base in the Jackson Square antique shop, the cats have ventured out to explore the murals of Coit Tower, the science museum in Golden Gate Park, and the cupola at the top of City Hall. With the help of a cat-modified stroller, they’ve visited a California gold mining town, the State Capitol, and historic Monterrey. Along the way, the cats have uncovered Gold Rush treasure, cavorted with multitalented frogs, rescued an abducted albino alligator, and unmasked the murderer of a City Hall intern.

Rupert and Isabella’s latest mystery takes them on a journey through time – back to 1775 when the first European sailboat discovered the Golden Gate, the passage leading from the Pacific Ocean into the San Francisco Bay.

The tale of the San Carlos is well documented, but a critical aspect of the ship’s story is missing from the official record. Unbeknownst to most historians, the ship’s passenger rolls included a grumpy chef named Oscar, his niece, and her two beloved flame point Siamese. Also onboard was a serial killer with an MO eerily similar to one stalking modern day San Francisco…

The author leaned back in her chair to review the summary. On the floor near her feet, a fluffy orange and white cat woke from his nap as she read the piece out loud. Rupert yawned and stretched his legs in a full body arc. With a short sneeze, he rolled into a seated position. He waited expectantly as his person stared at the computer. Finally, he emitted a confused “Mrao.”

“What’s that?” She glanced down at the cat. “You think I left something out?”

Rupert replied with an incredulous expression, conveying the kind of outrage and indignation that only a cat can pull off.

“The fried chicken donuts? Well, yes, I suppose that was also part of the book. It was a minor plot point, really.”

Rupert’s back stiffened. His whiskers twitched with disapproval. That was no way to describe the most fantastic invention in culinary history.


Pondering this feedback, the author returned to the keyboard. She added the following sentence to the book summary:

Another important fact is frequently omitted from accounts of the ship’s voyage, an achievement commensurate in scope with the discovery of the Golden Gate. During this epic journey, the chef of the San Carlos created a revolutionary dish, fried chicken donuts.

Seemingly satisfied, Rupert curled into a ball on his cat bed. His furry eyelids shut, and he soon fell into a deep sleep. His lips smacked together as he dreamed of chunks of succulent fried chicken being dipped into a sweet batter and deep-fried to a crispy golden brown…

NY Times bestselling author Rebecca M. Hale worked as a patent attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost ten years before taking time off to write her first novel, HOW TO WASH A CAT. She is now the author of nine Penguin titles and a growing list of ebooks released under her own imprint Green Vase Publishing. She writes fiction, typically in the form of quirky mysteries that reflect her travel experiences and the people she meets on her journeys.

Rebecca lives in Western Colorado with her feline writing associates, that is, when she's not off researching future books set in San Francisco, the Caribbean, or wherever else her wandering spirit takes her.

This series is one of my favorites :)  I love these characters and I love the way Ms. Hale tells her stories.  She's a fantastic writer with a great sense of humor, and it's made evident every time I pick up one of her books.

In this addition to the series, she adds in a little bit of sailing history, and the research she must have done proves just how invested she is into this series.  And the way that she ties the history in with the mystery - a beautiful pairing.

And it's quite the trip with Rupert and Isabella - one that made me laugh time and time again.  Those cats are some of the most cleverly written animals I've ever seen.  They are a perfect team who's witty banter alone is worth the read!

If you haven't read any of the books in this series yet, you need to.  Right away.  I promise you, you'll be so glad that you did!

Rating: 4.5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All conclusions reached are my own. 

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I love the cover of How to Catch a Cat. It is gorgeous. I have this book on my TBR list.

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I just can't wait to read it. Hope I win a copy.

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