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Cozy Mystery Blog Tour: Author Guest Post, Review & Giveaway: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Death (Comfort Food Mystery #3) by Christine Wenger

For Sandy Harbor’s tastiest comfort food, venture to the Silver Bullet Diner. But head next door to the new drive-in theater if you have an appetite for murder…. 

Trixie Matkowski has a tall order to fill this fall. Aside from dishing out delicious fare at the Silver Bullet during peak fishing season, she’s helping her friend—Antoinette Chloe Brown, or ACB for short—open a drive-in movie theater in the vacant lot beside her diner. It’s just the thing to take ACB’s mind off Nick, her missing biker beau.

But their plans are fried after Nick’s body is discovered during the groundbreaking for the drive-in. And when the police connect the murder weapon to ACB, she becomes the prime suspect in eighty-sixing Nick. With the fate of her innocent friend and her business on the line, Trixie must make the guilty party pay up before someone else gets stiffed. 

From the office of
“On the beautiful shore of Lake Ontario in Sandy Harbor, New York”

Greetings from Sandy Harbor, New York!

I’m busier than ever at the diner and so is my staff.  Things have been wild.  It all started when my pal, Antoinette Chloe Brownelli, decided to open a retro drive-in.  When she broke ground, the body of her missing boyfriend, Nick Brownelli-ACB’s ex-husband’s brother, was unearthed. 

Sandy Harbor Deputy Sheriff, and Houston transplant, Ty Brisco, had suspects lined up like the royal blue portable toilets in my parking lot.  Why, you might ask, do I have twelve portable johns in my parking lot?  It’s for the Roving Rubbers, a motorcycle gang of chefs camping out on my lawn.  Mad Dog, their leader, was told not to leave town. 

To add to the mix, I had a gaggle of Miss Salmon pageant contestants in my house.  It felt like my college days all over again.  Not all of them were innocent either.

And ACB was a suspect, too.  Some of her personal items littered the crime scene.  Ty and I knew it was a set-up, but eventually he had to arrest her for her own protection.  She didn’t mind, she had her cell phone and ordered curtains, pink fluffy rugs and fluffy covers for the toilet, linens with cabbage roses and a matching comforter.  Her muumuus hung from the bars.  It was the prettiest cell in North America, and probably the world. 

Anyway, with the help of Ty, we got to the bottom of what had happened to Nick.  My friend, Christine Wenger, who loves to write and fancies herself the historian of Sandy Harbor, documented that horrible part of my life in DINERS, DRIVE-INS, AND DEATH (Obsidian Books, January, 2015).  She said that fiction was stranger than the truth, so the story just had to be told.

In spite of the bad stuff, I’ve kept busy cooking and playing with recipes at the Silver Bullet, have almost stopped reeling from my divorce (almost!), made life-long friends, never laughed so much, and still find time to polka!  

Life is good at the lake.  Come visit!

This third installment of the series finds our heroine, Trixie, trying to help her friend, ACB, locate Nick, ACB's missing boyfriend.  But when Nick winds up dead and ACB becomes the number one suspect, Trixie has to try and solve the murder to prove her friend's innocence! 

Sandy Harbor is such a fun place to visit.  Trixie and her friends always make me smile, and they keep me so engaged from cover to cover.  I just love them!  In this book, the story is so enthralling.  The murder mystery is exciting, the character development is perfectly paced, and the setting is one you can easily fall in love with.  And..... the food.  Oh, the food :)  You'll appreciate the recipes the author has in store for you too!  

This series just keeps on amazing me.  This comfort food series has become a comfort read for me :)  

Rating: 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All conclusions reached are my own.  
Thanks to the awesome ladies at Penguin, I have 1 copy of Diners, Drive-Ins and Death by Christine Wenger to give away to one of my lucky readers! Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win, and be sure to keep checking back for more awesome giveaways! 

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