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Cozy Mystery Blog Tour: Author Guest Post, Review & Giveaway: The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer (Paws & Claws #2) by Krista Davis

Wagtail, Virginia, the top pet-friendly getaway in the United States, is gearing up for a howling good Halloween—until a spooky murder shakes the town to its core . . .

Holly Miller doesn’t believe in spirits, but the Sugar Maple Inn is filled with guests who do. The TV series in development, Apparition Apprehenders, has descended on Wagtail’s annual Halloween festivities to investigate supernatural local legends, and Holly has her hands full showing the ghost hunters a scary-fun time.

But the frights turn real when Holly’s Jack Russell, Trixie, and kitten, Twinkletoes, find a young woman drowned in the Wagtail Springs Hotel’s bathhouse—the spot of the town’s most infamous haunting. The crime scene is eerily similar to the creepy legend, convincing Holly that the death wasn’t just accidental. Now she’ll have to race to catch a flesh-and-blood killer—before someone else in town gives up the ghost. 

If Cats Had Google

In THE GHOST AND MRS. MEWER, Twinkletoes , a calico kitten, is the feline ambassador for the Sugar Maple Inn. She’s not very good at her job yet and isn’t as hospitable as she could be to Mrs. Mewer, a Siamese cat guest of the inn.

Twinkletoes, like many cats, is exceptionally nosy. In an inn, there are all kinds of boxes, bags, and suitcases that a cat would want to explore. Twinkletoes is based on my own sweet calico kitty, Sunny. There’s not a corner of my house that she hasn’t investigated thoroughly. What I would find if she had Google at her disposal? Here’s what she might look up.

  1. How long can a mouse hide?
  2. Best tool for sharpening claws.
  3. How to open cabinets.
  4. Surefire methods to get your person to feed you at 3AM.
  5. What’s the difference between butterflies and birds?
  6. Make dog stop barking.
  7. Pros and cons of sleeping across person’s neck.
  8. Where does catnip grow?
  9. How to open doors.
  10. Training People 101.
  11. How to annoy the dog.

New York Times Bestselling author Krista Davis writes the Paws & Claws Mysteries for animal lovers that debuted in December with MURDER, SHE BARKED. The sequel, THE GHOST AND MRS. MEWER, will be in bookstores on December 2nd. She also writes the Domestic Diva Mysteries. Her 8th Domestic Diva Mystery is THE DIVA WRAPS IT UP, a Christmas mystery in bookstores now. Like her characters, Krista has a soft spot for cats, dogs, and sweets. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with three dogs and two cats. 
I couldn't wait to read this book.  After book one, I wasn't sure where Krista Davis would take this series.  And now, having read it, I can honestly tell you that Ms. Davis continues to solidify exactly why she's one of my absolute favorite cozy authors. 
The idea behind this series is absolutely brilliant.  She has humanized pets like no one else has ever done.  Twinkletoes is by far my favorite character - and with Ms. Davis' love of animals, it's no doubt why.  The rest of this supporting cast all have their own quirks and moments throughout the story, and Holly is a wonderful heroine.  
 The murder mystery was fun (well, as fun as murder can be!), and it kept me engaged from start to finish.  I am a huge fan of Ms. Davis' writing style - I feel as though she has mastered the pacing for a great mystery :)  
I wasn't sure about this series when it began, but two books in, I'm in love. 
Rating: 5 stars
I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All conclusions reached are my own. 
Thanks to the awesome ladies at Penguin, I have 1 copy of The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer by Krista Davis to give away to one of my lucky readers!  Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win,   
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Mama Cat said...

Thank you for the great review and giveaway! I can't wait to meet Twinkletoes!

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I hope I win. This sounds like an awesome book.

Connie said...

I've certainly been wanting to read your new book. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

kiki said...

I really want to win this book. Thanks for the giveaway !! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Becky Prazak said...

Sounds like a great book.

B J English said...

Love that you are having a neat give away. Another Virginian would love to win.

Unknown said...

Just today I received a bookmark about this book from a friend who loves Krista Davis books. She has introduced me to the Diva series. She thought I would like this book and she is so right.

Linda said...

Want to read this. Love krista's mysteries. Know I will love this new series, too. I entered the giveaway but don't do twitter.

Debbie S said...

I love her writing style also, I usually can't put her books down once I start them.

Unknown said...

i am a great fan of Krista's books as well. I love the reference to the wonderful movie too. wasn't too sure about this series eithers but it has turned out to be great entertainment.

Sandie said...

Awesome giveaway!

Michelle F. said...

Shoot. Missed the giveaway.

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